— We’re developing a major learning programme for Bradford 2025, with activities for all.

A group of school children take part in an art activity, sitting at a table, with an adult.
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Learn with Bradford 2025

The Bradford 2025 learning programme offers something for everyone in education across Bradford District – children, young people, teachers and educators.

We’re designing workshops, events and activities to support wellbeing, attainment and career development. We’re supporting the curriculum with creative and heritage-focused activities for learners of all ages. And we’ll be offering continuing professional development (CPD) opportunities for teachers and educators, with comprehensive lesson plans and free resources related to Bradford 2025.

We’ll be getting in touch soon with early years settings, schools, home educators and post-16 educational settings across Bradford district.

If you work in a school or education setting and would like to hear more, get in touch at [email protected].

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Bradford Glow activity packs

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Bradford Glow is all about helping children and young people understand more about Bradford 2025, our brand, and our colours. We want to spark their curiosity about the exciting events, performances and projects that are coming to our district in 2025 and instill a sense of pride in where they live.

Find out more about Bradford Glow and download our free learning resources for young people below.