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Learn more about this major research project happening across Bradford District.

We’re getting ready to deliver an amazing year of events and activities for Bradford 2025 UK City of Culture.

We want to make sure that Bradford 2025 reaches communities across Bradford District, and we want to understand how the UK City of Culture title will make a real difference to the people and places of Bradford.

To do this, we need to understand how Bradford residents feel about their local places and communities, as well as their quality of life and their participation in arts, culture and creative activities.

A new survey

We’ve asked M·E·L Research, a specialist market research company, to carry out an independent survey of a wide range of households. The research sample will include people of all age groups and backgrounds, in every ward of Bradford District. The voluntary survey will happen between 19 February and 31 March 2024, when over 1,500 residents will be asked to take part in an interview lasting 15–20 minutes. Addresses have been picked at random from the Royal Mail’s list of residential addresses.

All the survey responses collected by M·E·L Research will remain confidential – individual responses to the survey won’t be attributable to individuals. There are some questions that include sensitive or personal information about you, but you don’t have to answer these if you don’t want to. You can learn more about M·E·L Research and find out about similar research projects on its website.

We’ll be publishing the survey findings on our website in May 2024, and will use them to provide a benchmark to see how people’s views change over time.

The survey is being paid for by Bradford 2025 UK City of Culture. Our funders include the UK Government, Bradford Council and Arts Council England, among others. All our main funders ask us to evaluate our work and its impact.

If you’re not invited to take part but you want to share your views or experiences of arts, culture and creativity in Bradford, please sign up to our newsletter and look out for lots of other exciting ways to share your stories.