We’ve unveiled a new identity for Bradford 2025 UK City of Culture.

Working with West Yorkshire design studio Rabbithole, we’ve created a new identity for Bradford 2025 UK City of Culture that reflects Bradford as it really is.

Bradford 2025 is set to be game changing for Bradford District. We’ll deliver more than 1,000 new performances and events, a series of major arts festivals, and national and international collaborations. Our year as UK City of Culture will have a transformational impact on Bradford – securing millions of pounds of investment and acting as a catalyst for creative place-making and culture-led regeneration.

Our new brand, created with Rabbithole, reflects Bradford as it really is. Thrilling, unfiltered, and eclectic. Bradford isn’t Leeds, Manchester or York. Bradford exists on its own terms – and our new look reinforces our unique identity.

A Bradford 2025 logo pin badge
Two Bradford 2025 lanyards
We love the look and feel of the brand, the colours and what it represents. The team at Rabbithole have worked closely alongside us at Bradford 2025 and community groups to create something that perfectly represents our organisational values and, most importantly, Bradford.

I can’t wait to see it all over our district, from billboards to T-shirts and stickers on people’s phones. This is our time to shine – and I hope that people from all over will join us in giving Bradford some love!”
A spread from the Bradford 2025 brand guidelines document
Bradford 2025 brand guidelines 
A Bradford 2025 scarf

The logo

Bradfordians are unique in using the ‘BD’ postcode, rather than area names, to identify where they’re from. We’re from ‘BD8’ or ‘BD4’, for instance, not ‘Manningham’ or ‘Tong’. Our logo features a ‘b’ and a ‘d’ (tilt your head left for the ‘b’ and right for the ‘d’) intersected on a 45-degree angle to form a heart – a positive emblem for a district proud of its identity. 2025 is the year to show Bradford some love ❤️.


Rabbithole has designed a distinctive three-colour palette:

  • Gold, inspired by the golden glow of sunlit sandstone architecture in Bradford city and the amber in the Bradford City A.F.C home kit
  • Green, from the district’s rural landscapes and domed mosques
  • Baby pink, inspired by Bradford’s humour, playfulness and peculiarity

It’s an unusual combination – and one that Bradford can own.

A colourful sticker stuck to a street lampost. The sticker says hello in hindi.
A street poster showing the Bradford 2025 branding. A portrait of a young woman is in the centre of the poster.
During the research and discovery phase of the project, we fell in love with Bradford. The district has developed under-the-radar in unique and fascinating ways. Bradfordians have developed a do-it-yourself attitude, with most of the cultural endeavours community-led.

We were inspired by the warmth, unfiltered honesty, idiosyncratic character and sharp humour of Bradfordians – which we wanted to channel in the identity.”
A clothing patch that says Bradford 25 and features a cartoon hand making the peace sign.
A lampost banner with the Bradford 2025 logo in the centre

Bradford 2025 UK City of Culture is the first UK City of Culture that will be a district-wide celebration. Bradford District stretches over 140 square miles, with 70% of it being rural. Bradford has an impressive history of being a textile industry hub during the Industrial Revolution, with history and heritage around every corner. The district encompasses breathtaking landscapes and famous towns such as Ilkley, Haworth and UNESCO World Heritage Site Saltaire in the north, Thornton in the south, and the city of Bradford itself – the world’s first UNESCO City of Film.

Bradford is the UK’s youngest city, with over a quarter of its population being under 18. The city is full of promise and young energy. It’s a melting pot of diversity and creativity – over 150 languages are spoken in the city, and 43% of Bradfordians identify as non-white British. Bradford is a place where diversity is not only championed – it’s in the very nature of the city.

A brand for everyone

We wanted to give everyone the opportunity to show their love for Bradford. Our heart-shaped Love Bradford logo is for everyone to use, totally free. Find out more and download the logo to use for free.