How is programme spend decided?


How is programme spend decided?

Bradford Culture Company aims to support a broad range of exceptional, high profile new creative work as part of the bidding process. In particular we aim for work that is:

  • Co-created or participatory. 
  • Multidisciplinary.
  • Embraces risk and explores new ground   
  • LGBTQ, Black, Asian, ethnically diverse-led, deaf and disabled led, and includes a diverse team  
  • Site specific to the built environment or in our landscape across the district.
  • Serves our need for capacity-building.
  • Includes collaboration or partnership between local creatives and people from elsewhere in the UK and (where appropriate and possible) abroad
  • Has the potential to speak to national audiences and attract the attention of audiences and media UK-wide.  
  • Tours beyond the district.
  • Is designed to test new approaches to appropriately socially distanced activity in the context of Covid-19  

We expect to be agile and flexible in making funding commitments. We will fully fund projects where necessary and we will partner with others on some occasions. Our decisions on what to fund will come from:

  • Initial expressions of interest.
  • Open calls.
  • Direct commissions, or invitations to apply for funds.
  • Discussions with collaborators and other funding partners. 

The nature of a City of Culture bid is that inevitably we will sometimes work in confidence and by invitation-only to prevent revealing our projects to other competing cities at an early stage, an essential tool in what is a competitive process. We would expect to offer a range of funding opportunities, sometimes working with other funders including the LEAP, Bradford Producing Hub, BMDC and others, on some occasions by collaborating on co-commissions/grant rounds.

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