A man wearing glasses and an apron stands smiling in front of a well-stocked market stall featuring an array of continental produce.
© Tim Smith 

Meet the People of Bradford in a new digital series for Bradford 2025.

Meet ‘The People of Bradford’ in our new digital series in collaboration with renowned documentary photographer, Tim Smith. Tim’s photographs and creative work capture the social and cultural experiences of his subjects, and in this unique series, we’ll bring together the lives and stories of real Bradford people with his captivating imagery.

These images and stories celebrate the richness and variety of Bradford’s people and places. I hope sharing them here gives people everywhere a sense of the history and shape of our diverse society and our landscapes, and what these will offer as part of our UK City of Culture.”
A person wearing glasses and a hijab is smiling, presenting a tray with traditional tea items. The tray holds a decorative teapot and glasses. In the background, shelves are filled with various utensils and containers, contributing to a homey atmosphere.
© Tim Smith 
A person in overalls and a cap steps onto a vintage steam locomotive. In the foreground, a circular sign reading
© Tim Smith 

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The series launches on Instagram on 8 July 2024, with new images and stories of Bradfordians shared weekly.