Bradford: The Game

We’re creating a new game for Bradford – and we’re asking 11–18 year olds from across the district to help us make it!

Bradford: The Game will feature every postcode of the Bradford District and we’re looking for young people to get involved in the making of the game, creating characters and levels and turning their local neighbourhood into how they would like it to look in the future.

Created by Impact Gamers, players will be able to guide their chosen character through different missions in an alternative, futuristic Bradford.

The game is being made in collaboration with people in Bradford and works in five phases. Sign up to Phase 1 below by telling us a little bit about where you live, and we’ll keep you up to date.

For Phase 1 we need ideas and thoughts from 11–18 year olds about their local areas. Tell us about your area and play our our gamified survey below.

Travel around Bradford postcodes, each time you share your views you get upgraded to a new vehicle. If you want to be part of the game making process make sure you give us your email address to be kept informed.

Late-March 2021
For all you budding designers a chance to show off your skills and flair. For our game we need 8 or so heroes representing different cultures across Bradford. Also we are looking for what could areas look like in the future?

Sign up in PHASE 1 (see above) or come back here in mid March to see how to submit your characters.

Late-March 2021
Calling all you games makers to help build the levels for different stages of the game using our easy online level maker.

April 2021
Calling you gamers come and test the levels rate them and test out the characters in the game.

May 2021
The game is done!

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