New 10-year study of culture in Bradford

Bradford is at the forefront of research into culture as a a new 10-year study into how  arts and culture benefits wellbeing is announced – the first of it’s kind in the UK.

Trailblazing research project Born in Bradford will be involved in a ‘UK first’ study into the impact of culture on people’s lives.

The Born In Bradford project has been tracking the lives of 13,500 babies and their families – around 30,000 people in total – for more than a decade.

Looking at how issues such as poverty and pollution have affected the health of the city’s children, the project is now looking towards the arts. Using the same expertise, the 10 year study will be used to assess the impact and benefits of things like culture and heritage to our collective health and wellbeing.

It is thought that access to arts and culture can help people feel part of their community, improve their mental wellbeing and help people become more active – and the new study will help identify exactly how important culture is to residents’ lives.

With a renewed focus on access to the arts in the district, the pioneering research comes alongside Culture is our Plan – Bradford Council’s 10 year strategy for culture and of course, our bid to become UK City of Culture in 2025.

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Image: Born in Bradford Festival, 2019

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