BD25 is here!

Today we’ve unveiled a new visual identity after submitting our expression of interest to become UK City of Culture in 2025.

Working with designer Lee Goater, we conducted a range of consultations with people across the district including over 200 young people about what Bradford means to them. 

Taking inspiration from the district’s diverse landscape, from the city skyline to the moors’ dry stone walls we mapped the different shapes of the district. For an ambitious and exciting bid, we wanted to create a design infinite scope for re-interpretation that creates a space for everybody and anything.   

The visual identity is centred around a strong, scalable and adaptive logotype. It can be illustrative and literal, whilst easily allowing abstract and creative expression. 

Bradford District covers an area of 141 square miles and Bradford 2025 is a district-wide bid. There are 24 geographical BD postcodes. BD25 is new time and place that didn’t exist. But now it does. A place and a time where, together, diverse lifestyles, strong beliefs and creativity can flourish and thrive. 

Putting the BD into Bradford district’s bid, and highlighting 25 as the year the city comes of age, BD25 is an extraordinary and dynamic destination where anything can happen. 

Bradford is a profusion of colour, an explosion of energy and a multitude of strong, progressive voices. This is Bradford’s time and the world is invited to hear, see and share in everything the district has to offer. This is Our time, Our Place.

Let us know what you think on social media with #Bradford2025



Brand: Lee Goater

Animation: Hungry Sandwich Club

Music: La La and the Boo Ya

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